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The Arizona Progressive Voters Guide is a joint project of Progress Arizona and Fuse Washington. Our staff research and compile the endorsements from our Progressive Voters Guide partner organizations, which are listed below, in our recommendations for ballot measures.

About our Partners

The Progressive Voters Guide is powered by Progress Arizona and includes endorsements from the following partners:

  • ACLU of Arizona
  • Aliento
  • Arizona AFL-CIO
  • Arizona Center for Economic Progress
  • Arizona Education Association
  • Arizona Faith Network
  • Arizona Students Association
  • Arizona Wins
  • Arizona Working Families Party
  • CASE Action
  • Children’s Action Alliance
  • Mi Familia Vota
  • One Arizona
  • Our Voice, Our Vote
  • Rural Arizona Action
  • Unite Here! Local 11
  • VetsForward
  • Will of The People Arizona

Note that not all groups endorse in all races and ballot measures.

ACLU of Arizona

The ACLU is our nation's guardian of liberty, working daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and laws of the United States guarantee everyone.

To defend the Constitution and keep America safe and free, the ACLU of Arizona needs the support of every Arizonan who cares about protecting our precious civil liberties.

ACLU of Arizona Website ACLU of Arizona Endorsements


We are a community organization that is DACA, undocumented, and youth-led. We are directly impacted people and allies who are invested in the well being, emotional healing, and leadership development of those impacted by the inequalities of lacking an immigration status.

Aliento Website Aliento Endorsements

Arizona Faith Network

Arizona Faith Network is a interfaith organization dedicated to bringing people together to promote peace and understanding through interfaith education and dialogue as well as healing of the world through collaborative social action. We are made up of people of different faiths who covenant with each other in solidarity and mutual respect. We recognize that our diversity makes us stronger and while we seek to find common ground, we also lift up our differences as unique individuals and communities. Together we are committed to both civil dialogue and transformational action while we seek to keep our faiths and beliefs as an inspiration and direction for all that we do.

Arizona Faith Network Website Arizona Faith Network Endorsements

Arizona Students Association

The student-led, non-partisan Arizona Students’ Association works to actively empower the student voice, create concrete change, and advocate for student issues by developing student leaders; initiating and executing grassroots campaigns; raising awareness; creating a firm foundation on our stances through proper research; and engaging our government officials at a local, state, and national level.

Arizona Students Association Website Arizona Students Association Endorsements

Arizona Wins

Arizona Wins is a coalition of progressive advocacy organizations and labor unions, working together to improve public policy for working families in Arizona. Our mission is to change the face of the Arizona legislature and achieve progressive policies on a state level. We are increasing awareness of progressive issues among our coalition members’ constituencies and targeted voting populations to increase our political strength. We have an electoral strategy and infrastructure now capturing the energy and strength of Arizona progressives to effectively impact elections. Through close collaboration between community groups, Arizona Wins has taken charge of securing progressive goals for Arizona.

Arizona Wins Website Arizona Wins Endorsements

Arizona Working Families Party

The Working Families Party is regular people coming together across our differences to make a better future for us all. We’re a multiracial party that fights for workers over bosses and people over the powerful. We want an America which realizes the promise – unrealized in our history – of freedom and equality for all.

Arizona Working Families Party Website Arizona Working Families Party Endorsements

CASE Action

CASE Action Fund is an economic justice organization dedicated to improving the lives of Arizona’s working families through policy advocacy and increasing participation in the political process.

CASE Action Website CASE Action Endorsements


Living United for Change in Arizona is an organization led by changemakers fighting for social, racial,  and economic transformation. We are committed to human dignity, inclusion, equity, and collective growth. We work to reclaim our shared power alongside our families and community. 

LUCHA Website LUCHA Endorsements

One Arizona

In the wake of SB1070, four immigrant rights organizations came together with the goal of registering 12,000 Latino voters. Shortly afterwards, One Arizona was born.

Ten years later, One Arizona is made up of 28 organizations active all over Arizona. We are completely nonpartisan, focused on improving the lives of Arizonans, especially people of color and young people, by building a culture of civic participation.

One Arizona Website One Arizona Endorsements

Our Voice, Our Vote

Our voice, our vote - Arizona is a member-led organization, committed to advocating for sustainable progressive public policies that address the most pressing issues in our communities. We build power by mobilizing voters, training the next generation of leaders, electing champions to office, and holding elected officials accountable. We work to empower our communities by putting people first to ensure all voices are heard. 

Our Voice, Our Vote Website Our Voice, Our Vote Endorsements


America’s veterans are great communicators, particularly those who have worked in civil affairs, where they’ve learned to communicate across cultural divides to build community. VetsForward puts those skills to work by mobilizing America’s military veterans to engage voters in meaningful conversation about the American values they fought for in the service—the same values that make our democracy strong.

VetsForward Website VetsForward Endorsements